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  • Venue

    New Hyundai Venue

    The Venue's uniquely boxy design style emerged organically from a wide range of inspirations. It's the result of being open to exploring boundaries, going beyond conventional thinking, and having the desire to create something fresh and memorable.

  • Kona

    New Hyundai Kona

    The Kona refuses to be bound to a singular way of thinking. Because let’s face it, one size doesn’t always fit all, and that’s what makes the Kona so different.

  • Tucson

    New Hyundai Tucson

    The Tucson was created to show that owning an exciting, fully-featured medium SUV can be a reality without the need to compromise. What features are you most looking forward to in your next new car? Leading-edge tech? Stunning design? Impressive performance? The highest standards of safety? The Tucson packs them all - and so much more.

  • Santa Fe

    New Hyundai Santa Fe

    The backseat battle is over.

    Spacious, handsome, lovingly crafted and with a powerful new V6 drivetrain on the way, the multi-award winning Santa Fe is arguably one of the most fully-featured, best value large SUV on the market.